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IPEX 2017, 31 Oct - 3 Nov 2017, NEC Birmingham UK

Design Challenge Finalists

IPEX congratulates its Advert Design Challenge finalists!

We invited the IPEX attendees and other industry professionals to vote for their favourite design from three very carefully-chosen finalists. The industry spoke and chose their winner.

IPEX invited students and apprentices from print and the graphic arts to design a visitor advertisement to promote attendance to IPEX 2017. Finalists provided rationales behind their designs, which can be found below. You can enlarge each design by clicking on the thumbnails. You can also see the design brief here.

Want to see our prize-winning runners-up? Click here.

IPEX Design Challenge winners
Pictured: Finalists, from left to right, Michael Lamb, Georgina Payne and Abigal Bills with IPEX Event Director, Rob Fisher

Meet the finalists

WINNER: Michael Lamb

Michael Lamb"This advert’s rationale is to catch the eyes of the audience by using the colour wheel, used like a peacocks feathers; attracting the attention of its audience. The clock makes them look twice because who remembers the time at first glance? The clock also gives the viewer a sense of urgency by creating an engaging aspect through linking the text and the image with a pun.

This colour wheel is an item used by professionals which creates the link towards the theme “Print in Action”. Also by giving the wheel an action (the clock) it can have a literal translation towards the brief as well. The detail in the colour wheel shows each accurate CMYK code and also it being a vector graphic is another aspect of the advert attracting the correct target audience, however not limiting who can understand and enjoy the overall rationale of this advert."



2ND PLACE: Abigail Bills

Abigail Bills finalist

"I created my 'Print in Action' poster as vivid and eye-catching as possible. The image shows colourful ink being poured and dripped onto a cube centred as if it is on a podium. It is inspired by the retro style of Robert Beatty, known for his abstract, futuristic and airbrushed designs.

I wanted to create an abstract and more artistic idea which suggests printing processes without being obvious. The printing ink covering the cube shows how print in action in todays society is no longer two dimensional but now three dimensional.

This opens up the possibilities of using paper printing in a more dynamic way. The poster has a futuristic style to it which fits with the idea of moving on with future printing technology. Its an explosion of colour, energy and action in an example of print. The process of creating the poster incorporated both physical design of illustration on paper and then digital design within the colouring and finishing process. Again showing the different elements of 'Print In Action'."


3RD PLACE: Georgina Payne

Georgina Payne finalist"The idea behind my design is highlight the use of CMYK. They are key element to any printer that any user produces. CMYK instantly trigger understand that the poster is advertising something to do with print. The four colours are bold, innovative and eye-catching and you wouldn’t be able to miss it. It will especially stand out in a magazine where there is usually just black and white text with an occasional photograph. 

The wording on the poster highlights the fact that this is about a printing event, it says, ‘Printing now in progress.’ As we all know that top quality prints take time and patience.

The splodges on the poster are to show creativity. When designing something and thinking up ideas it’s like having a burst of colour, inspiration and ideas erupting from your mind."




About the Advertisement Design Challenge

The print and graphic arts industries are crying out for fresh new talent and with an abundance of opportunities,  IPEX 2017 will be showcasing the excellent career paths that this vibrant and engaging sector has to offer. Our advertisement competition was created with this in mind and is aligned with the Future Skills Zone, an area within IPEX supported by leading UK associations including BPIF, Brief Cases, IPIA, Picon, PrintIT, and the Printing Charity.

The winner was announced on Thursday 2nd November at IPEX 2017.